Emma’s Advice on Taking Classes

What classes should I take?  This is a very big decision for a couple of reasons: time, money & fun.  Au pairs want to spend only a little money and time but they want to have fun!  All au pairs must earn 72 credit hours = 6 credits (each credit = 12 credit hours).  It is also possible to “audit” a class and get a letter of completion of credit hours.  Here is some advice for you as you make your decision.  Call me to make an appointment for further help!



Some classes at the local universities/colleges are long-term, for example: for three months, you go to a class in the evenings twice a week.  These kinds of classes can be a wonderful way to meet new friends in the area: other au pairs, as well as Americans your age.  In this situation, you have to find out if your host parents can lend you the car or drive you as frequently as two or three times per week.  How far is the class from your house?? And do you want to go to class every week or not??  Are you free to go to class during the day or at night??   These are some questions to consider.

Some classes are short-term with travel involved, for example: for one weekend, you go all day Saturday and Sunday in PA, NY, NJ, D.C., FL, etc.   Or perhaps it will be more spread out, with three different Sundays at in Philadelphia, followed by a special trip somewhere.  In these cases, you will likely spend more money but you will see another part of the country and you can get a lot of credits in a very short time.  How much money are you willing to spend?? — remember that your host family pays for the first $500 but you will pay the rest…  Would you like to travel to take a class or would you rather travel with friends another time??  Are you willing to use any of your vacation days for a short-term, travel class, in the case of a three-day weekend class??  These are some questions to consider.



You can also choose classes based on how many credit hours it offers.  Most au pairs seem to want to finish their requirement quickly, and this means taking only one or two classes that each offer a high number of credit hours.  Some au pairs, however, are interested in trying out lots of new things – this would mean taking a variety of low-credit classes.



If your level of English is low or intermediate, then perhaps it would be better to study more English language or to take a class that does not require a high level of English (art, cooking, fitness, culture).  If you have a higher level of English, you have the opportunity to take a more academic class (literature, history, science).



Delaware County Community College, Media PA

(25 min from Garnet Valley, 20 min from Wallingford/Springfield)

English as a Second Language”  //  40 credit hours for $299  //  Sept 12 to Nov 14 on Mondays and Wednesdays from 8pm-10pm



Anyone Can Draw”  //  16 credit hours for $159  //  Sept 8 to Oct 27 on Fridays from 6pm-8pm



This link has a PDF of all the classes at Delaware County Community College in a brochure: https://www.dccc.edu/academics/course-information/course-descriptions-non-credit.  The “Marple” campus is the one in Media, PA – some classes are not available at the Marple campus, so pay attention to the details!

To sign up for classes at DCCC, call 610-359-5025.


Neumann University, Aston PA

(10 min from Garnet Valley, 15 min from Wallingford, 25 min from Springfield)

American Heritage: History 1865-Present”  //  audit of 3 credits for about $450  // Aug 28 to Dec 10 on Mon&Wed&Fri from 10:20am-11:20am


Introduction to Music”  //  audit of 3 credits for about $450  //  Aug 29 to Dec 7 on Tue&Thu from 11:20-12:50pm


Fundamentals of Acting”  //  audit of 3 credits for about $450  // Aug 28 to Dec 10 on Mon&Wed&Fri from 11:30am-12:30pm


This link takes you to Neumann’s main page: https://www.neumann.edu/.   On the top menu marked “Login/Access”, select “WebAdvisor” – then select “Students” – then select “Search for Sections”.  Now you see a search function where, on the Term menu, you will select “Fall 2017”.  Here you can pick from the list of Subjects or you can enter times of day.

To sign up for classes at Neumann, call or email Jen Mintzer (mintzerj@neumann.edu & 610.358.4547) who helps au pairs get signed up to audit classes — she will make the process very easy for you and helps au pairs all the time!



New Brunswick, NJ — one weekend:   http://www.cpe.rutgers.edu/aupair/au-pair-weekend-classes-in-new-jersey.html

  • for example:  The History & Horticulture of Rutgers Gardens meets in New Brunswick, NJ on Oct 21-22 from 8:30am-5:00pm and it earns 3 credits for $360.  No travel or hotel costs are included, but it is a 1 1/2 hour drive from our area and there is also public transportation (if you are willing to get up early in the morning!)


Philadelphia, PA + a travel destination — three Sundays and a weekend trip:   http://www.campusce.net/learningacrossamerica/course/course.aspx?catId=31

  • for example:  The Washington D.C. class meets on three Sundays (Oct 1, Oct 22 & Nov 5) in Philadelphia, PA from 10am-4pm and then the class goes on a weekend tour of Washington D.C. on Nov 11-12.  It earns 40 credit hours for $399 and all travel and hotel costs are included.


Choose: Boston, Chicago, Salt Lake City, San Diego, San Francisco, Tampa, Washington D.C. — one three- or four-day weekend:   https://www.aupairclasses.org/

  • for example: The Boston class meets in Boston, MA for a three-day weekend (either Sept 22-24 or Dec 1-3) — Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon — and it earns 45 credit hours for $355.  No travel or hotel costs are included.


Many Ways to the Same Goal


*not all classes here are confirmed for these dates


Au Pair Arrives in October:


  1. English as a Second Language (40 credit hours)  //  January to March  //  2 nights a week locally
  2. English as a Second Language (40 credit hours)  //  June to July  //  2 nights a week locally

      TOTAL = 80 credit hours



  1. Living in American Culture (80 credit hours)  //  December  // 1 four-day weekend in Tampa, Florida

+  and this au pair uses two more days of vacation time to spend more time in Tampa for fun and relaxation!!

*  this plan will require taking at least 2 vacation days.

      TOTAL = 80 credit hours



  1. History and Culture of “Amish Country” in Lancaster County, PA (32 credit hours)  //  November to December  //  2 Sundays of class in Philadelphia & 1 Sunday of travel to Amish Country
  2. American Heritage History (3 credits)  //  January to May  // 3 classes a week locally
  3. Yoga (10 credit hours)  //  June to July  //  1 night a week locally

      TOTAL = 78 credit hours



Au Pair arrives in August:


  1. Intro to Cooking (16 credit hours)  //  October to November  //  1 night a week locally
  2. Intro to Creative Writing (16 credit hours)  //  September to November  //  1 night a week locally
  3. Polish your Spoken American English (3 credits)  //  November  // 1 weekend in New Brunswick, NJ
  4. Yoga (10 credit hours)  //  June to July  //  1 night a week locally

TOTAL = 78 credit hours



  1. English as a Second Language (40 credit hours)  // September to November  //  2 nights a week locally
  2. Introduction to Music (3 credits)  //  January to May  //  2 classes a week locally

TOTAL = 76 credit hours




Hopefully this information is a good start for you!  Remember that the classes I have listed here are *examples* so that you can get an idea of how it all works.  There are many more options for you to choose from!  Call me to make an appointment to discuss your options further and to get my help registering.


Have Fun!

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